Hi name is Lynna Goldhar  Smith.   I am a busy multi-disciplinary artist mother and grandmother. I am also an avid journal keeper. I created this site to offer classes in journaling because so many people have asked me to teach them my process. 

Journaling, not only supports my daily creative practice, it is is an essential part of it. It helps me stay motivated. It activates my imagination and helps me develop the ideas that would be lost if I didn’t have a way to capture them on the page.  I also think of my journal as a trusted best friend, a therapist in a book,  a  memory keeper, a magic oracle, and more

I  believe so much in the benefits of journaling, that I decided to teach journaling to anyone who thinks that a journal would benefit them. I also trained specifically  to become a certified Journal to the Self® workshop facilitator– an amazing magical process based on the work of Kathleen Adams of the Therapeutic Writing Institute in Denver Colorado.

Read about up and coming classes in Vancouver here. 

Or visit my online journal  here