HI name is Lynna Goldhar 

I am super excited to let you know about a course I am teaching in Vancouver, this coming January. Thanks for stopping by.

Journaling, not only supports my daily creative practice, it is is an essential part of it. 

Through my journal practice I have learned how to deepen my creativity, expand my imagination, experiment with new ideas, overcome personal challenges,  heal wounds from the past, calm my unruly emotions, and transform my life into art.

Everything starts with my journal.

It’s a trusted best friend, a therapist in a book, a way to collect my creative ideas and keep track of how they develop.

It’s a memory keeper, a magic oracle, and more.

Journaling your life can also be a springboard to other kinds of writing including  creative non-fiction, short fiction, novels, plays, screenplays, and pretty much any kind of creative project you might be tinkering with.

 And –journaling  is the most effective therapeutic tool I know for-breaking through blocks, clarifying goals, confronting bad habits,  releasing tension, processing painful emotions, and tapping into deep inner wisdom.

I  believe so much in the benefits of journaling, that I  trained to become a certified Journal to the Self® workshop facilitator– an amazing magical process based on the work of Kathleen Adams of the Therapeutic Writing Institute in Denver Colorado. I incorporate Kathleen’s 22 transformative techniques with a few of my own in this course and they work.

If you live in the Vancouver area and are interested in joining me– I am teaching in the winter sessions at False Creek and Coal Harbour Community Centres

And if you  keep a journal already– you can enhance and enliven your practice and expand it’s  potential–l not to mention unleash it’s magical properties which I swear by.

I will be posting info on how to register  for the Vancouver classes but you can always call False Creek or Coal Harbour Community Centres to see how to sign up.

I am privileged to live and work on the traditional and unceded territories of the Coast Salish People otherwise known as Vancouver 

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